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” I spent *weeks* looking for the right artist to depict our family home of 30+ years. The house, built in 1723, has nooks, crannies, stonework, flowerbeds, chimneys, and sun dappled shadows. It’s where 5 kids grew up, sledding down the driveway and always forgetting to close the front door. If you want something cheap, print out a canvas picture. If you want something roughly house-shaped, Etsy has new artists. If you want something perfect, with all the love and details only a family member should be able to see, talk to Richelle. Beyond the years of experience she brings to the table, she really cares about your story and your vision.  Could not have imagined a better or kinder partner during this tentative foray into the art world.  If you’re thinking about a house portrait, give her a call and hear the difference for yourself. Oh, and bring tissues for the gift recipient. You’ll need them.”

Samantha R.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Florida Beach House (c) Richelle Flecke

“Richelle, I just wanted to let you know how much my parents loved the portrait.  They could not believe how beautiful it was and what a special gift it was. I think my Dad showed it to every single person that came over to our house during the wedding week. It was really special for them!” 

Carla M.

Saint Louis, Missouri



Wisconsin home copyright 2015 Richelle Flecke

“We wanted to give a gift with great meaning to relatives who own a lake house in Wisconsin. this lake house has been the venue for great family fun and camaraderie for more than a decade — from water skiing to sea-do rides, to boating, swimming, barbequing, firework displays and great meals!  We couldn’t be happier with the final product. Richelle made the project easy– all we had to do was submit some photos to her and she did the rest. I would highly recommend this service, especially if you are looking for a unique and personal gift!

Jim B.

Bloomington, Illinois


Watercolor of Oxford home (c) 2017 Flecke

” I commissioned Custom House Portraits by Richelle  Flecke to depict our childhood home as I wanted to give prints to my siblings for Christmas.  I met with Richelle over the summer and she was very excited to tackle this for me. I gave her specific things that I wanted in the painting and she did a beautiful job depicting the details, even the very small minute things. I wanted this portrayal of my childhood home as my mom had just recently passed away and I thought this would be a great reminder of all the fun times we had living at our childhood home. Richelle was fantastic to work with and her rendition of our home was beautifully done. ”                                                                                                             

Mary A.

Jonesburg, Missouri


OLS Church copyright 2015 Richelle Flecke

” Richelle is an amazing artist and person… she brings so much love and life to her portraits. I had her paint a church for a good friend and it was an amazing and inspirational piece of art.  My friend was so overwhelmed by how it was so detailed. Thank you, Richelle — can’t wait for the next one you make me! 

Patti G.

Merrill, Oregon



“Richelle, you captured everything perfectly — thank you! When my brother and I opened the picture, we both agreed that it definitely pulled at the heartstrings and I know it will for our mother too. Our mother will likely be moving, and this painting will allow us to remember all the wonderful memories on Shetland Lane! Thank you, thank you!”

Meghan G. and Family

Cambridge, Massachusetts



York Pennsylvania Home (c) 2017 Richelle Flecke

Pen and Ink with Watercolor of Indiana home (c) 2017 Richelle Flecke“Richelle, thank you so much for the beautiful paintings of our homes. When you move a lot, as we have, the paintings bring back wonderful memories… the house you lived in when a child was born, the house you lived in when you were snowed in for weeks with no electricity, and the house you live in where your grandchildren run and play. I hope to do more work with you soon!

Kathy S.

Zionsville, Indiana


Pen and Ink of Affton Home (c) 2018 Richelle Flecke

“Richelle, wanted to follow up with you to let you know that my siblings and I were able to finally give the beautiful drawing you made of our family home to our parents over Easter weekend when we were all together. Just as we expected, my Mom was absolutely speechless and broke out into tears… well, we all did — even my ex-Marine Father shed a tear or two. On behalf of my entire family thank you for helping create this special moment and for providing us with a very special memory of our childhood home that we will all cherish for years and generations to come.”

Kyle V. 

Weldon Springs, Missouri


Watercolor house portrait of Beaufort, South Carolina home copyright 2014 Richelle Flecke“Richelle, thank you so much for capturing our South Carolina home so perfectly. It will be a wonderful addition to our walls in our new home in Tennessee.”

Keleen J.
Beaufort, South Carolina



Graeser Acres home copyright 2016 Richelle Flecke“Richelle, saying “Thank You” doesn’t seem quite enough for the memory you re-created for me! I thought the house was lost forever except for the old photos which didn’t do it justice. My pop would be so proud to see one of his houses depicted so beautifully. Thank you again!”

Pamela K.
St. Charles, Missouri


Colfax NC home copyright Richelle Flecke“Richelle, thank you so much for the beautiful painting of our home! The details are amazing — I truly don’t know how you do it! The care, thoughtfulness, and love you put into each portrait definitely shines through. I know my family will love it. Thank you again!”

Kimberly C.
Colfax, North Carolina



Upton artwork

“Richelle, thank you for the beautiful portrait of our Minneapolis home.  We started our family there (three kids) and have very fond memories. Your portrait will allow us to remember all of our family milestones and will enable us to share our memories with our kids as they grow up. I’m sure my wife will love it!”

Phillip  E.
Berkeley, California



“Richelle was wonderful to work with and created a truly unique portrait of our home. In addition to her artistic talent, she has a great grasp of the big picture while also being able to focus on the details. One of the things we really liked about the process was when Richelle checked in with us to ask questions and make sure specific features matched our image. When we received the final portrait, we were “wowed” by the attention to detail. Thank you for a wonderful keepsake of our home. “

Karen and Rick F.
Wildwood, Missouri


Watercolor portrait of Cairwood

“Richelle did an amazing job of capturing in her painting the magic of the place where my husband and I got married; she managed to make an already magnificent building more beautiful, and she came up with the clever idea to include my husband and me, which was the icing on the cake. The painting was the perfect gift for my one year wedding anniversary; it is absolutely breathtaking and is something that my husband and I will cherish for a lifetime. Richelle is a wonderful woman, who has a natural talent and love for her artwork, and her passion is evident in both speaking with her and in the beautiful finished product. I contacted Richelle based on two glowing recommendations, and I will gladly recommend Richelle to anyone that I know who is looking for a painting and I plan on contacting her in the future.”

Megan B.
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

Watercolor house portrait of Alabama home with military flags

“I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what a marvelous experience I had with Richelle Flecke when she painted the most beautiful watercolor portrait of our house! Richelle is an extremely talented artist; in several instances she was able to capture what I wanted without even having a photograph! She simply went off my description and managed to capture it perfectly! It was magical!! Richelle is an absolute delight to work with and very helpful; she walked me through each step and always checked first with me if she had any questions. I recommend Richelle Flecke without any reservations whatsoever as an extremely talented artist you can trust and who has your best interests at heart! But the best recommendation I can give is that I plan to have Richelle paint another house portrait in the future for us!”

Jan F.
Madison, Alabama

Watercolor custom house portrait of Oakville home“Richelle, Thank you for your beautiful portrayal of our home. Your attention to detail is most impressive. You are an extremely talented and very professional artist. It is truly a treasured piece of artwork in our family, one that we all enjoy everyday.”

Andrea & Steve
Oakville, Missouri




Watercolor house portrait of Indiana residence“Richelle, I just got the most wonderful Christmas gift from my brother-in-law, Mike Kelly – he commissioned you to draw our house in Indianapolis. I can’t believe how well you captured our house in the woods. Mike showed me the pictures he gave you, but they didn’t provide the panoramic view of the whole house. Somehow you pieced everything together and captured our home perfectly. You even had the shadows, the trees, and the landscaping exactly as they appear on summer days. Thanks so much for doing this, Richelle.”

Maureen and Don H.
Indianapolis, Indiana


Watercolor custom house portrait of Rochester, New York home“My wife and I had just finished building (ourselves) the house of our dreams over the past two years, and I really wanted to surprise my wife with a portrait of it for Christmas. When I had that conversation with Richelle, I think she was almost as excited as I was! Richelle was more than willing to help out with such things as the best picture angles, my framing questions, and landscape ideas as we had no landscaping at the time! Her #1 priority was making sure that we got exactly what we wanted, and we did! The portrait is gorgeous, the detail is amazing, it’s even more than we could have hoped for!”

Rob K.
Rochester, New York


Watercolor house portrait of Oak Lawn residence

“When we finally made our last house payment, I decided to surprise my husband by having a home portrait made. At first, I contacted an acquaintance for the job, but after seeing Richelle”s website I was so impressed that I was compelled to change my original arrangement. Richelle was everything I”d hoped for; very kind, conscientious, professional, extremely talented and a great communicator. Everything went perfectly and our portrait is more beautiful than I could have imagined.”

Sandra D.
Oak Lawn, Illinois