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Each Custom House Portrait is a high-quality original work of art, hand-rendered in your choice of Watercolor or Pen and Ink. With accuracy and attention to detail, each is a truly beautiful representation of a home or business, while capturing its distinctive character and charm as well.Home portraits make heartfelt and meaningful gifts for special occasions for family, friends and business associates, as well as wonderful closing gifts for realtors to give to their clients. Also, Limited Edition Prints can be made from the original artwork of your church, school, place of business, or other special property for fundraising or commemorative purposes. All that is needed are clear photos of the property, including the view you like best.  See Photo Tips


Richelle has been a professional artist since 1981, and she began specializing exclusively in House Portraits in 1997. Her extensive portfolio includes a wide variety of illustrations of residences – grand, medium, and small – as well as commercial properties, schools and churches. She loves to illustrate custom portraits of homes and commercial  buildings and it shows!

Let Richelle create a personal, original piece of artwork that you will be proud of for many years to come.